Best AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer

Best AR Blue Clean Pressure Washers Comparison
AR Blue Clean AR383Electric19001.5
AR Blue Clean AR390SSElectric20001.4

Annovi Reverberi (AR) Blue Clean has officially cornered the market on pressure washers that look more like space-age machines from the future than plain old utilitarian household appliances. In an aesthetic world, they sure nailed it. Long story short, you are going to want one for your home.

Now, let’s take a walk down Quality Lane. With all the workmanship you could ever hope for in a high pressure washer, AR Blue Clean proudly and confidently stands by their name. With pressure washers that function as reliably as they are aesthetically pleasing, who could ask for more? A quick dive into their product line reveals this company is anything but ordinary, as are the products they so passionately work to create. After 50 years asserting themselves as industry leaders providing both residential- and industrial-level pressure washers, their dedication to their work has undoubtedly shone through.

AR Blue Clean AR383 1900 PSI

AR Blue Clean excels at professional-grade jet cleaning but has anything but underachieved when it comes to creating a definitively superior entry level product for the home as well. Everybody needs an appliance that they can both afford and rely upon as well. The AR383 fits the bill in every way. Weighing in at a great price, it brings you all the convenience of a smaller unit, but packs along all the safety and power that should also be expected.

This simple AR Blue Clean pressure washer is not only a great choice for nearly all household projects, but also comes equipped with a professional-style gun, making these tasks even easier. Clean like a pro but take comfort in knowing you don’t have to spend what the professionals have to spend to get into a high-quality unit. For this reason, this powerful little unit has become an Amazon top seller which speaks volumes to its ability to fulfill any requirement.

Offering 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM flow rate, it doesn’t sacrifice much in order to squeeze in at an impressively affordable price. To top it all off, it boasts several accessories as well, including a removable detergent bottle which can be easily attached to the wand giving its cleaning capacity an added kick. The wand itself is fully adjustable, from a narrow and intense 0-degree spray to a wide spray gentle enough to wash your vehicle.

Recommended for deck furniture, patios, grout, siding and more, this is truly an ideal addition to your household appliance line up. Storage is not a problem with an onboard hose storage reel and roller wheels. Complete with a 1-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty, you can feel safe bringing an AR Blue Clean pressure washer into your home. The AR Total Stop System serves to save you extra dollars on your electric bill by turning the power off to the appliance anytime you remove your finger form the trigger. Saving wear and tear on the pump and unnecessary demand on the environment, this added feature is an appreciated bonus. Just when it seems an entry-level product couldn’t possibly get any better, AR’s engineering has ensured it is quieter most other washers as well. There will be no more waking up the neighbours in order to maintain your property. If ever you thought a reliable, safe, high quality pressure washer was out of your financial reach, you may want to reconsider the affordability and reliability of an AR Blue Clean AR383.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS 2000 PSI

Let’s do a quick 180-degree turn and take a look at the all capable AR390SS. Part of AR’s renowned S line, this machine has won a Consumer Report award for 2016 for its performance in electric pressure washing tests. Extremely durable and compact, this model provides all the sleekness and functionality one comes to expect from an AR Blue Clean pressure washer.

The extra ten feet of high pressure hose gives you a full 30’ to work with, making its cleaning radius far more impressive than many devices that only provide only 20’ of reach. With a large onboard 48 oz. detergent tank, rest assured there is no mess that this capable unit cannot tackle. Quick Connect nozzle heads change the spray while ensuring you don’t take a bath yourself, as no water gets lost in the process of switching them out. Also bragging wheels and a fully integrated hose reel, this unit is as portable as they come, without sacrificing power and function.

A full 2,000 PSI makes this a highly effective cleaning device. Staying true to the S Line, the AR390SS has solid, completely built in components which go a long way to both making maintenance virtually hassle free and prolonging the life of the equipment. The professional wand gets every job done easily and right the first time, saving you time and energy.

About the company

In business for over half a century and serving customers both domestic and international right across the planet, AR Blue Clean is a name that can be trusted to bring into your home. Founded in Modena, Italy in 1958, and excelling at the engineering of superior high pressure water pumps ever since, this company has a history that’s as reliable as the pressure washers they sell today.

A quick visit to their website proves just how dedicated the AR Blue Clean team truly is to customer service. Their inviting, not to mention regularly updated, blog touts many product-knowledge videos so customers don’t have to worry about navigating their unfamiliar new appliances. Maintenance is no mystery either with all the information readily available on their site as well. Building all their products to be as versatile as possible, they have made each pressure washer compatible with a wide range of accessories.


Constantly striving for progressive and innovative change in their industry, AR Blue Clean has truly created some of the most competitive jet cleaners available today. When a company stands behind their products as strongly as they do, it makes it quite easy for their customers to stand behind them in return.