The Best Electric Power Washers for Home Use

If you’re in the market for a new electric pressure washer, you’ll love our detailed buyer’s guide. We’re here to help you find the best electric pressure washer! The first thing that you should know that is that you’ll need to choose between a light-duty or medium-duty model.

Some people use their electric pressure washers to take care of cleaning tasks around their homes. They will do best with light-duty designs which are intended for occasional usage. People who use electric pressure washers for work tasks may need more power and performance. These types of shoppers should focus on medium-duty electric pressure washers, which are designed to be more durable and to offer extra power.

We find that electric pressure washers are a lot more convenient to use than gas-powered models. A gas pressure washer will be more appropriate for heavy-duty pressure washing. This is why we’re going to review a handful of exceptional electric pressure washers today. The top-notch pressure washers that we’re going to feature today are perfect for an array of practical tasks, from cleaning driveways to getting home siding sparkling-clean to scouring lawn furniture and beyond.

Which Electric Pressure Washer Is the Best?

1. Sun Joe SPX 3000

This electric pressure washer from respected manufacturer, Sun Joe, is suitable for all cleaning tasks, from light-duty to heavy-duty…and everything in between. It comes with five different spray tips that connect quickly, so this model is definitely versatile. As well, we love the powerful motor in this unit. It features eighteen hundred watts of power and fourteen and a half amps! It will deliver pressure up to two thousand and thirty psi (1.76 GPM). If you want major cleaning power from an affordable model (prices may vary), the Sun Joe SPX 3000 will be a smart purchase.

As well, this model comes with a TSS (Total Stop System), which will shut off the pressure washer’s pump automatically, when the trigger isn’t being used. This great feature ensures energy-conscious performance. It also helps to extend the lifespan of the pump component. When you choose our number-one pick, you’ll access an electric pressure washer with two tanks for detergent. These tanks hold .09 of a liter and they are removable. Store different forms of detergent in order to take care of an array of cleaning projects.

This exceptional and best-selling electric pressure washer will be a good choice if you can’t decide between a light-duty or medium-duty design. It’s both at once and it’s also a CSA-approved appliance, which is sold with a long and strong, two-year warranty.

2. AR Blue Clean AR390SS

The AR Blue Clean AR390SS is a solid pick for so many excellent reasons! This electric pressure washer delivers plenty of cleaning power, so it’s perfect for outdoor cleaning tasks. Use it to get driveways, decks, outdoor furniture and vehicles fresh and immaculate. There are so many things that you can pressure wash with this reasonably-priced model, which comes from a respected and established manufacturer.

This model was awarded the top rating in 2016, by Consumer Report. It was found to be the best electric pressure washer available. When you select this model, you’ll find that it comes with a gun for pressure washing, a wand for pressure washing, a hose which is thirty feet long and delivers high pressure, a detergent tank which holds forty-eight ounces and a group of four nozzles which are “quick connect” styles.

This pressure washer is an energy-conscious design. It utilizes eighty percent less H20 and offers forty-five percent more power than typical garden hoses. Also, it’s quiet while it’s in operation. You’ll find that it’s much less noisy than gas-powered pressure washers are!

This model is simple to assemble. It’s basically “plug and play”! Just hook the hose to the gun and then connect your garden hose to your water inlet. Pressure wash with ease just by pulling the unit’s trigger.

3. Karcher K5 Premium

If you want to get things clean fast, you’ll love the power and performance of our number three pick! The Karcher K5 Premium offers two thousand PSI of pressure (1.4 GPM) and it comes with a hose reel that is integrated. It’s so easy to use and store this model, which is equipped with a twenty-five foot long high pressure hose.

As well, this model has a power spray wand which offers the ultimate in adjustable performance. You’ll find that this Vario wand makes it simple to adjust spray directly via the wand. In addition, this model features another spray wand (Dirtblaster) which is perfect for getting really tough jobs handled in short order. With the Dirtblaster wand, you should be able to cut your cleaning time by half.

This model comes with a pump that won’t rust. It’s a rugged N-COR design which won’t require any maintenance. As well, we appreciate the motor in this unit. It’s an induction motor which is water-cooled and it will boost engine life by up to five times. As well, we think that the detergent tank (on onboard style) that comes with this model is world-class.

Made to deliver superb pressure, this style is perfect for homeowners. It will offer forty times the water pressure which a delivered by a standard garden hose. Since this model does deliver so much pressure, we put it in the medium-duty category. However, it’s versatile enough to use for light-duty tasks, too.

4. AR Blue Clean AR383

You’ll love the way that this AR Blue Clean AR383 takes care of exterior cleaning jobs. It’s such a perfect choice for a host of outdoor cleaning jobs around the home. This respected model gets excellent reviews and it comes with a host of attachments, including a couple of pressure washer wands, a pro-style gun for pressure washing, a host that measures twenty feet, a bottle for detergent which holds fourteen ounces and a couple of quick-change wands which deliver superb pressure. Choose your preferred nozzle in order to access customized performance.

This electric pressure washer is eco-friendly. When you choose it, you’ll be able to use eighty percent less water and you’ll access forty percent more power than you would if you used a typical garden hose. This model features easy setup. Just connect the hose reel and then put on the handle. Next, connect your garden hose and the pressure washer’s hose. Then, plug in the pressure washer and begin to clean. Getting great results fast will be as easy as using the model’s trigger.

This attractive and modern electric pressure washer is a smart investment. It’s rugged, simple to use and feature-packed for a reasonable price. It’s great for homeowners. We think that it’s one of the best light-duty electric pressure washers out there. Order it online in order to keep your home exterior and vehicles looking great, or buy it for someone special as a thoughtful gift.

Order a New Electric Pressure Washer Today

You deserve premium quality for the lowest price. When you choose one of the electric pressure washers that we’ve talked about today, you’ll get superior quality, without busting your budget. Each model that we reviewed is popular with consumers, because it delivers in terms of quality construction, performance and user-friendliness.