Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Best Sun Joe Pressure Washers Comparison
Sun Joe SPX1000Electric14501.45
Sun Joe SPX3000Electric20301.76
Sun Joe SPX3001Electric20301.76

Sun Joe + Snow Joe, two brothers of the same corporate family, design specialized yard and garden equipment for use in, as clearly stated in their name, all four seasons. Since their launch in 2004, they have been priding themselves on their relentless pursuit of creating high-end products for very competitive prices, making products that are accessible to anyone. Sun Joe + Snow Joe prove time and again they can be counted on to deliver excellent quality and ask for little in return relative to their closest competitors. Their current lineup of multi-use pressure washers is absolutely no exception to their rule.

Sun Joe SPX1000

With several devices to fit any need, their line starts with their basic model Sun Joe SPX1000. This compact, lightweight pressure washer brings convenience, portability and strength to any home or job site, ticking off the three most sought after attributes. Ideal for light to medium work, the SPX1000 offers a maximum flow rate of 1.45 gallons per minute (GPM) at 1,450 PSI. Worried about it being too powerful for some surfaces? The wand is equipped with an easy to use twist nozzle to make adjusting the spray intensity on the go quick and painless.

From gentle to mighty, this little machine is adaptable to nearly any job. It is strong enough to maintain patios and outdoor furniture, and gentle enough to clean toys and even vehicles without harming the paint. Built powerful enough for house siding, this Sun Joe pressure washer makes an invaluable addition to any home at a very affordable price.

Every company, as demanded by its customers, must show a certain environmental savvy and awareness. Displaying an eagerness to change their products to be more environment conservative is what helps a company stay competitive in today’s tough market. Sun Joe’s answer to this necessity is its trademark Total Stop System incorporated into its pressure washers. The Total Stop System, or TSS as it is commonly referred to, is a unique power-saving technology that turns the device off each time pressure on the trigger is released.

In other words, between each spray the power is cut to the unit. Not only does this conserve energy, keeping the impact on both the planet and your finances to a minimum, it also serves to prolong the life of the equipment by greatly reducing wear and tear. A small detail that adds up over time, as seconds turn into hours and drops into gallons.

Affordability quite often dictates a lack of garnish, so to speak. This is simply not the case with the SPX1000 model. Sun Joe has redefined entry level by including details that other companies have been known to leave out. In this case, it’s the inclusion of their TSS technology. It symbolizes how far Sun Joe is willing to go in order to make their products worthy of their name, and worthy of our investment. This entry-level device definitely packs a competitive punch.

Sun Joe SPX3000

The SPX1000 may be a small powerhouse, but for some jobs, an entry-level unit just isn’t powerful enough. Should you be faced with a particularly daunting job that requires some additional strength, Sun Joe’s SPX3000 Pressure Joe is up to the challenge. A level up when it comes to power and performance, the Pressure Joe excels with a full 1,800 watts of power and 2,030 PSI. Its maximum flow rate is competitive at 1.76 GPM. Complete with a 34” extension wand, it is the easy answer to any and all large outdoor projects. This device easily cleans up after the more prolific offenders; mold and mildew, machine grease and oil, and even infamous rust stains all prove themselves no real challenge for the SPX3000 Pressure Joe.

Two on board detergent tanks will ensure you are not taken away from your job by the task of refilling until it is absolutely necessary. This model truly carries everything with it. Quick Connect technology is another of Sun Joe’s gems. Quickly swapping nozzles in the middle of a job no longer has to be an ordeal that leaves you wiping your face and cursing wet clothes. Disconnect and reconnect with no lost water.

Equipped with five Quick Connect changeable spray nozzles that fit every standard 5/8” garden hose, Pressure Joe has you covered. Once again, not be outdone by the SPX1000, Sun Joe’s Total Stop System graces this model as well, making it the most well rounded and perhaps justifiably attainable pressure washer on the market.

Sun Joe SPX3001

Pressure Joe’s unconventional, tattooed twin sibling, SPX3001, packs many of the same specifications as the 3000. It does, however, come equipped with a 20’ high pressure hose and a top-mount storage reel, giving it a little more edge and attitude. The tradeoff for this piece of convenience is the sacrifice of a single detergent tank, making refilling a potentially more frequent occurrence relative to its counterpart. This presumably would be due to space constrictions as the unit is still just as compact and convenient as they could possibly make it.

Weighing in at 32 lbs., it is the heaviest of the trio and still only 1 lb. heavier than the SPX3000. Equally as comparable in price, these two units differ only in what they can offer your specific work preferences. Both are reliable and hardworking, simply choose the gladiator that will best perform in your unique cleaning arena.


From strong entry-level contenders to its more elite performers, Sun Joe has outdone themselves with value and engineering they should be proud of. With the quality of workmanship and attention to detail reflected in their pressure washers alone, it is quite certain that Sun Joe + Snow Joe can be relied upon for any and all other yard and garden endeavours.

Whether the Sun Joe SPX1000 best fits the size of your job and budget, or the raw power of the SPX3001 is what you need, you can be confident that Sun Joe will stand behind each unit they build. Every model comes CSA approved and complete with a 2-year warranty. It’s this passion reflected in their products and their tag lines that makes the decision to “Go with Joe” all the more sensible.